How to Beat Wagering Requirements: Best Tips & Strategy

How to Beat Wagering Requirements: Best Tips & Strategy

The fast-paced casino industry is an intriguing aspect for many people around the world. This is in lieu of the fact that casino gaming is potentially one of the most rewarding and profiteering career out there. However, the rise in the popularity of casino gaming is also followed by the incremental rise in the casino gaming population as well, which includes players and professionals who would like to try their luck out in the various games offered. Thus, it becomes very essential to be adept in the various skill sets that are required to become thorough in the many casino games offered, as well as developing skills that might help players to gain an edge over their competitors and the house.

Nothing beats the fact that mathematics is the king of all sciences and even the casino industry isn’t spared from its haunting charms! A lot many mathematically derived skills have been developed to allow players as well as professionals to be ahead than the rest. However, the most important and basic step that all beginners need to follow is to understand how effectively they can optimise their chances to potentially earn more profits. They also need to know the skills required to beat the wagering requirements that are imposed by casinos, in order for players to claim their winnings into real value money. Although come though as seemingly daunting, but learning such skills may come in handy!

What is meant by ‘Wagering Requirements’?

In the world of online casino, a wager is essentially the amount of money that is being upon in a casino game. This casino game may vary and could belong to the categories of slot games, table casino games, Bingo, etc. and many more. Any casino experience follows depositing of money in one’s account, post their due registration at a casino site. This deposit is then converted into casino bonus money that can be used in the games provided. In the advent of a withdrawal, there are certain conditions or requirements that are needed to be met, before this casino bonus can be converted into real money for withdrawals.

A wagering requirement usually consists of the number of times the casino bonus is played by the player before he or she can make a withdrawal. These requirements are to be met by the player before the casino bonus money is converted to real money and could be withdrawn by the player. Players need to understand that not all games provided by any casino, consists of the same wagering requirements. The conditions might differ among the type of games where one game type variant may offer lesser requirements when compared against the requirements offered by a different game variant.

How to calculate the wagering requirement needed for withdrawals?

In order to understand the mathematical significance behind the calculation of the wagering requirement, one must know how the entire setup of wagering actually exists. In a typical scenario, a player after registration on an online casino game might deposit some amount in a slot game (for the sake of an example, let’s consider a value of $20). The casino offers bonus money to the player that could be used to play games which suits the interests of the player (in this case, we consider a hypothetical casino bonus value of $60).

The player can withdraw money as soon as he or she claims some winnings. However, they cannot withdraw the casino bonus into real money, yet. For e.g. a slot game offers a wagering requirement of 5x on the $60 casino bonus. So in order to withdraw money, the player would then have to earn a minimum of $400 before which he or she could withdraw any real money from the casino.

So how did $400 come up? This is the mathematical equation behind it:

(Minimum deposit + minimum casino bonus required by the game) * wagering requirement

In our example scenario, the following equation derives the minimum amount as a wagering requirement:

($20 + $60) * 5 = $400

Thus in this example scenario, a player may only be able to withdraw any real money, only if the minimum wagering amount requirement of $400 is met.

What are the best ways to beat wagering requirements?

A lot of factors entail along with the skill sets that are required to beat wagering requirements. A casino player professional’s experience with casino gaming may also play a significant role in determining if he or she could beat wagering requirements set by the casino venue. The more the player is experienced, the more is the chance that he or she might know about the tricks that might come into play in order to beat such requirements (or in some cases, avoid the hassle completely!).

The foremost and one of the most critical step is to look for the right casino. It is very important for beginners as well as for the experienced players to look for casinos that meet up with their expectations. Proper research needs to be done in order to allow oneself to decide which casino works best for them. There are many casino review sites that allow people to assess their judgements when it comes to selecting the right casino for them.

The next important step is to read the terms and conditions that are mentioned by such casino sites. Most often, it has been observed that players choose to ignore reading the terms and conditions that are offered by casino sites. These casinos are clever enough to showcase their terms and conditions under a fine print, which may be overlooked by people. However, this fine print is an important aspect that tells about the requirements that are imposed by the casinos and are needed to be covered before a withdrawal is made.

Many players also explicitly look for casino sites that offer no wagering requirements or games that are offered with low wagering requirements. This case might be few in number. However, it allows players to avoid the hassle of meeting up with such requirements and conditions, in order for them to be able to make withdrawals. However, players must need to understand that there are substantially lesser chances of earning profits this way.

The above scenario can also be protracted in a way that players only look for games or casino sites that offer no casino bonuses. However, casino bonuses allow players to earn profits that account up to two-fold or even sometimes up till threefold of the wager. This is a highly profiting opportunity that simply can’t be missed!

Why do casino sites offer wagering requirements?

Contrary to popular belief, there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to believing that such motives help casinos earn profits. This is partially true that wagering requirements are imposed by casinos to allow themselves to develop a model of earning profits. However, an even more important cause behind this is to allow casinos to work along with anti-money laundering laws and regulations.

If there had been a case that no wagering requirement is imposed, there can exist a lot many cases of fraudulent activities where one might just deposit money in casinos and withdraw them back, thus avoiding any legal implication. This step prevents fraudsters to clean their money through casino sites and eventually overlooked by the proponents of law and order.

What is no-wager casino bonus?

There lie many casino sites that offer a wager-free casino bonus, in order to lure in new players. Like the name, such sites do not hold any wagering requirement and allow players to play games without making any deposits at all. They also might come off as a wager free bonus (such as a wager free, free spins on a particular slot game). One of the advantages of such sites is that players can withdraw their profits earned almost instantly. Although still on the rise of the number of such casinos, there are a lot of casinos that offer such lucrative offers, yet ask players to make a deposit before withdrawals are made.

Although the future of a no wagering requirement scheme is still on the rise, it is recommended that players use their understanding of the mechanism of wagering requirements. In order to beat wagering requirements, it is incrementally essential to research effectively to know which site offers the best offers for them. Lucrative offers are made by casino sites every day. This could be put to one’s advantage of avoiding excessive hassles of meeting up with the wagering requirements. No overlooking can be expected by players when it comes to reading the terms and conditions. If in case one might still go for casinos that impose wagering requirements on the games offered, players might consider learning better skills in order to increase their chances of winning in the game type variants offered by the casino. This will allow them to earn faster and meet their wagering requirements early, and making it accessible for them to withdraw their profits as soon as possible.

Title : How to Beat Wagering Requirements: Best Tips & Strategy

Published Date : 24th May 2019

Author : John Williams

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