Save Yourself from Online Casino Scams with These Tips

Save Yourself from Online Casino Scams with These Tips

Gone are the days when casinos were limited to the brick and mortar spaces where the gamblers had to pay a certain amount of fees to get the entrance. In today’s technology-driven world, there are thousands of online casinos in the online market. A majority of the gamblers prefer to download the casino app on their smartphone or they join casino through their official website in order to become part of the online gambling world. There’s nothing wrong with using online modes of gambling. In fact, it is a better option as it saves you significant money, time, and efforts that you would otherwise invest in the virtual casino. But, players should not only go be the ease an online casino offers to play as there could still be a possibility of certain scams with online transactions. Delve a little deeper into this:

What are online Casino Scams?

There’s no doubt that every casino company tries its best to draw the attention of the audience. From a wide variety of games selection to amazing welcome bonuses to jackpot offers to stunning websites, casino companies use multiple techniques to convince the gamblers to join their online casino, spend thousands of bucks, and make their company one of the renowned casino companies. And that’s completely obvious for the casino companies to adopt impressive marketing strategies in order to gain the interest of the casino enthusiasts out there. But there is a very thin line between finely-packaged marketing plans and flat-out lies.

Embracing marketing strategies to promote the online casino is, of course, a valid approach. Companies often promote their brand through online realms so that they can reach out to a vast audience and increase the traffic to their website. However, there also exists some scam companies that opt for fraudulent activities to cheat the gamblers and grab their money.

Unluckily, casino scams in the current times aren’t rare. In fact, there are plenty of agencies who claim to offer legitimate casino services and all those amazing offers (that customers often get attracted to). But their main aim is to rob the gamblers and get vanish from the online market before the cybersecurity team catches them. Before we discuss the tips of protecting yourself from online casino scams, let’s learn about some common red flags that should not be overlooked by any online casino player:

Red Flag- Online Casino Scams

Online casinos adopt a wide range of practices to cheat people, however, they always adopt the fraudulent activities that make their online presence look fair yet help them to cheat the gamblers. They are well-prepared. They won’t just rob your bucks or decline the request of the withdrawal of your money, instead, they come up with a well-planned reason that looks genuine (at least to the novices who are playing online casino slots for the first time). But the good news is these “legitimate reasons behind not accepting your withdrawal request or not adding the winning amount to your account” doesn’t make any change when it comes to determining whether the online casino is fraud or not. Here are some red flags observed in almost all the online casino scams, Make sure you go through all the points and do not neglect it while playing your next online game.

  • Unfair terms and conditions which involves a lot of technicalities and is super tricky to comprehend and comply with.
  • Fake guarantees or promises and unnecessary excuses without a valid explanation.
  • Termination of the accounts of the players for no reason, or closure of the account with the reason “violation of the terms and conditions of the company’s website”, when the players have violated no rules.
  • Delays in the withdrawals. The online scam sites usually keep the money of the players on hold and do not process it even after several withdrawal requests. Basically, the players will find the money being constantly returned to their online casino account rather than getting credited to their bank account.
  • Failure to reply to the gamblers requests and making up some emotional stories rather than giving clarification on the issues.

Note that there are multiple ways to cheat on the gamblers and steal their money without them knowing about the scam practices. And once you become the prey to their lies and fake explanations, the chances of getting back your lost money is from little to no. Hence, it is advisable to be careful in the first place so that you won’t fall in the online scam casino traps. Read on to know four essential tips to avoid online scams.

4 Tips to Avoid Online Scams

If you think online scam casino websites will clearly look a scam page, you are wrong! In fact, they put all their efforts, experience, and online hacking techniques to create a decent looking casino website. Unless you belong to cyberspace or you possess real knowledge of cyber crimes and the scam activities, you will never be able to identify a scam website from its appearance. That being said, it is advisable to go through the website, check its terms and conditions, license, privacy policy, and not to mention customer ratings and reviews to determine the authenticity of the company you are investing in. Well, you don’t have to worry about falling into the online casino scam if you read and follow the below-listed scam protection tips. So go through the tips and stay ahead of the scammers.

  • Check the reputation and goodwill of the casino company

When it comes to online casino companies, there are millions of reviews and ratings you can get from the online forums and casino review sites. Before joining the online casino website and depositing all your savings, take some time to go through the reviews and the experience of the players with the particular company. It won’t take days to conduct the online research on your favourite casino website, instead, you will get to see a plethora of genuine and positive reviews if the site is already popular.  Note that negative feedbacks of the customer don’t signify a scam website rather it should be taken as a personal opinion and experience of a user. However, if you don’t find any useful information or reviews at all, choose some other casino company that has been into the online realm for quite long.

  • Check for shocking bonus offers

“Excess of anything is bad”. That being said, if you observe the outrageous bonus offers that seem so huge to be genuine then it can be a scam offer and an illegitimate casino company. The welcome bonus is offered by every online casino, but if it looks a huge bonus amount then there’s something wrong with the company you have chosen.

The legal casinos offer a welcome bonus that does not exceed 500 pounds. If you observe the welcome bonus to be much more than this amount, check the company details and try to find out about the owner and his license.

  • Check the License

You can easily find the license information of a legitimate casino on its bottommost section of the web page, though some put it in the terms and condition page as well. If there is no information about the license available on the casino website (that means, nowhere in is public display part) then you aren’t investing your time or money in it. There is not even any point of finding out more about the legacy of the casino companies if they have no valid license.

At the same time, check the license of the casino (if they have one displayed on their official page) to ascertain whether it is valid. Only websites that have obtained a license from the UK or Malta are considered genuine.

  • Check funding options

Legal casino websites offer a wide variety of payment options to choose from. If you don’t find credit/debit card, e-wallets, Neteller, Skrill, or PayPal, conduct more research on the casino company.

  • Check the Software Providers

There are thousands of game developers and software development companies that assist online casino companies to run smoothly and offer plenty of games to the gamblers. Some of these game developers are so famous that players don’t even think twice before depositing money on their games. These software developers possess a valid casino game developing license and usually have their games on hundreds of casino sites. These companies only partner with the reputable casino sites as they cannot put their license and reputation at stake by providing software to any scam website. Some of these companies include Play’nGo, Playtech, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Microgaming, and etc. Hence, look for a valid casino site that is partnered with these valid software developers.

Many people fall in the traps of scam casino companies and as a result, they suffer from heavy losses. It is always better to check the authenticity of the casino company before you join one. One of the safest and reliable options is to go for the website that is renowned, genuine, and have a lot of players engaged. Generally, you will get to find information about such websites easily on the web. So why wait? Consider the listed factors and avoid scam companies.

Title : Save Yourself from Online Casino Scams with These Tips

Published Date : 24th May 2019

Author : John Williams

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