How to Solve Casino Disputes: An Ultimate Guide

How to Solve Casino Disputes: An Ultimate Guide

Online gambling is currently one of the top entertaining industries of the world. With the digitalization pacing up, many online casinos and several casino games to are cropping up. Another reason backing this flourishing industry is the consumers of this business- the players. Many players from different parts of the world use online casinos for their ease of availability instantaneously and the lucrative rewards they present.

With so many things involved in the online casino industry like different games, different rules, bonus offers, welcome offers, offers for regular players, rules for VIP players etc. certain issues are sure to surface. But what leads to disputes are the unavailability of complete information and unsatisfactory solutions provided by the casinos to the players. In such episodes, players can often get irritated and do not know what their next step should be. Hence, this ultimate guide is presented to help them know how to handle the disputes, whom to approach during the crisis with any particular casino and how to find an appropriate solution to their issue.

Prevention is better than Cure

It is already established that the occurrence of casino disputes are common. But there are certain steps players can take and avoid coming across disputes in the first place by following these aspects.

  • There are many online casino sites and finding the right one with a plethora of games to choose from, lucrative bonuses, and most importantly the trustworthy ones can be difficult. But there is also online casino reviewing sites which are exactly meant for these tasks. They review the online casinos and provide most details to help players pick a definite online casino to play their games. Now all the players have to do is look for some casino reviewing sites, do the research and settle for the casino they think they like.    
  • While researching, players must consider points like what games come with the offers and bonuses, the validity of the bonuses, payment and withdrawal methods, withdrawal periods, region limitation for the online casino operation, the responsiveness of the customer support and such.
  • There are also casino players’ forums where the regular players visit and share their good/bad experiences of online casinos. So the new players can visit such forums online, read them and also chat and clear their doubts beforehand.
  • Players can also test the online casinos first, by playing the free games offered by that casino and be sure of the quality of the gaming.
  • Another important thing is the terms and conditions availed by the online casinos on their sites. These vary from casino to casino; hence it is better for the players to read them carefully before picking any casino and depositing amount there.
  • Apart from the comprehensive terms and conditions, there are also T&Cs for individual games, promotions, bonuses, tournaments and VIP offers. So its players’ job is to know what they are getting into before settling for one.

Detailed Explanation of the Casino Disputes

When a player has issue/issues with any casino operator regarding certain services they have provided or not provided as promised, it is described as a casino dispute. There are so many games, rules and different category players, so it’s definite that problems can occur between the online casinos and players every now and then. There could be some rules mentioned clearly yet sometimes players don’t read or other times don’t understand.  Some other times the rules could be written in smaller fonts which might be missed by the players. Such different types of disputes can occur but the most common ones are pertaining to the bonuses.

Let’s consider an example. Say a player has won a certain amount along with bonus features on a particular game. But when claimed, the casino makes them void without any clear explanations. Even if clarification was given by the casino operators, it is often biased on their side. In such cases, it is obvious that the player is unsatisfied with solutions which are exactly what a casino dispute looks like between a player and the casino operators. So here it requires the player to be smart and solve casino dispute carefully. If still, the casino disputes persist with the casino operators, the player can even take the issue to the higher authorities which are specially designed and permitted to solve casino dispute.

How to try and solve casino dispute in the beginning?

Players’ disputes with the casinos can sometimes be simple and can be solved in simple steps like reading the FAQs or directly contacting the customer support executives. Before contacting the customer support agents, players should read terms and conditions and FAQs carefully to lay a strong base for their claim. Once the players are sure that they are right to make the claim, they can go ahead and contact the support agents. The information on how to contact the customer support agents will also be provided on the casino site itself. Often contacting them involves through a phone call or through email. To contact the agents, players must use the same email id they used for registering at that particular casino.

When players finally contact the support agents, they should explain their issue with the casino comprehensively. Along with explanation, it is important to send proofs of your claim like the pictures of particular terms and conditions, type of the game, bonuses, offers and such.

Further Action with the Casino Dispute Resolving Bodies  

If the players’ issues are bit complicated which the customer support agents couldn’t solve or the solution was not satisfactory to the players, then the next step the players can take is to contact any of the casino dispute resolving bodies. These bodies hear out your side of the case and then contact the casino operator to obtain further details and provide a non-partial decision. These usually take around 90 days to solve casino dispute. Most of the time, the casino dispute resolving bodies provide services free of cost, but there could be somebodies that may charge certain fees. So again, players must be aware of such charges before hiring one. Some of the important and genuine casino dispute resolving bodies is as follows:

  • Malta Gaming Authority

             Malta Gaming Authority is one of the leading bodies in the gaming industry that is expert in providing many services regarding the aspects of the online gaming industry. These include research on different aspects of gaming, issuing licenses relating to the gaming industry, keeping an eye on the licensed gaming, tax collection of the gaming industry for Government, promotes responsible gaming, securing vulnerable gamers and minors, protects rights of the players, avoiding mixing of the criminal activities and gambling and such. So the players can fill a dispute form on this website and avail their services to solve casino dispute. Here is Malta Gaming Authority’s website address:


  • eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA)

             eCOGRA is an independent auditor who specializes in providing player protection, promotes fair gaming and makes sure operators, software providers and casino service providers conduct online gaming responsibly. The company is located in London and is an auditor which has been internationally approved. eCOGRA also specialises in solving casino disputes between players and casinos. Players have to read the guidelines provided by the eCOGRA agency on their website and fill the form to avail their assistance. Here is how players can contact the eCOGRA.

       Website: www.ecogra.org

      Email: [email protected] 

      Address: 2/F Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London, W1J 6BD, United   Kingdom 

  • Lindsays

             Lindsays are the legal advice institution which provides a wide range of services for both business and family sectors. One such service they provide is of solving the casino disputes of the players. The firm is around for over 200 years now and it has got an impeccable reputation in its business. Hence, players can claim their issues here to surely get creative and appropriate solutions to them. Here is how players can contact the Lindsays.

      Website: www.lindsays.co.uk

      Email: [email protected]

      Phone: +44 (0)131 229 1212

     Address: Caledonian Exchange, 19a Canning Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8HE

  • ADR Group

Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR Group stands tall as one among the UK’s oldest online casino dispute resolving companies. Their name and their aim suggest that they can provide alternative solutions to the clients to resolve the disputes instead of taking the matter to the court. The staffs at ADR Group act as mediators between the casinos and players provide neutral evaluations and finally present an unbiased conciliation. Also, they charge some amount for the services they provide. Hence, players are advised to read detailed terms of this group before filling their dispute forms. Here is how players can contact the ADR Group:

      Website: www.adrgroup.co.uk

      E-mail: [email protected]

      Phone: +44 (0)203 600 50 50

     Address: International Dispute Resolution Centre, 70 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1EU

  • ProMediate

          Promediate is another certified mediator company that provides assistance in wide-range of disputes. The staff members at this company are very knowledgeable, are trained accurately and over time have acquired explicit experience in mediating matters. Players can find the information of this company on their website wherein they have shown the samples of the cases they have resolved, how clients can take appointments online to discuss their issues with mediators, how clients can even consult the mediators before filing the claim and such. Here is how players can contact ProMediate Company:

      Website: http://www.promediate.co.uk/

      Email: [email protected]

     Phone: +44 (0)7824 704826

     Address: Brow Farm, Top Road Frodsham, WA6 6SP

The Final Approach

Usually, the players will be able to solve casino dispute with the above mentioned two steps. If still the issue persists, then they can approach the court to get an appropriate settlement of their issue. In this case, as well, players have to first know their rights, limitations and jurisdiction before taking this ultimate step. It is better to approach a lawyer and get all the need information for your issues. Also, this ultimate step by the players against a whole institution of the casino can require too many resources, time and energy. So players must be prepared accordingly to face whatever comes their way.

Title : How to Solve Casino Disputes: An Ultimate Guide

Published Date : 24th May 2019

Author : John Williams

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